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Square Water Feature Grid - 100cm

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A really strong square Galvanised Steel Grid to support heavy water features, allows maximum amount of water to drain back very quickly into the reservoir. Professional Quality and suitable for a weight of up to 150kg/m2, 4cm x 4cm mesh.  Pump access is available through a square gap 20cm x 20cm, this so the feature does not have to be dismantled to service the pump. This gap can be filled with an optional access cover, or just hide it with a large stone or slate. Fits the Victoria 112 Pond/Reservoir although being square there is an overlap which can more easily be hidden if the pond is sunk into the ground. For free standing round ponds/reservoirs you will get a neater appearance by using a round grid. Tip: if the feature is very heavy take the weight off the plastic reservoir with a column of bricks placed under each corner of the grid on the outside, or alternatively under the grid but inside the reservoir. Dimensions: Large Square Grid: 100cm x 100cm weight 11.5kg. Access cover: 20cm x 20cm (optional extra)

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