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Round Water Feature Reservoir 66cm with Galvanised Grid

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The Victoria 66cm Reservoir is a strong black plastic tub suitable as a small pond or strong enough to act as a sump for water features. The Victoria 67cm Reservoir can be sited above or below ground. It includes a Professional Quality Galvanised Grid capable of holding a water feature weighing up to 150kg per m2. Dimensions 66cm across rim, 52cm across base x 35cm deep, holds 90 litresThe grid is hidden with cobbles, rocks, paddle stones etc. There is a 20cm square gap in the grid to provide access for servicing the pump. A Grid Insert Piece is available as an optional extra to fit this gap,  or it can be covered with a large rock or slate instead. Tick the box if you require the Grid Insert Piece

Tip: If used for a water feature this should be stood centrally to distribute the weight evenly. This Victoria Pond is supplied with a very strong galvanised grid (either a Round Grid or Square Grid 60cm x 60cm) to support a water feature (maximum weight 150kg per m2).  For heavy features it is important to take the weight off the pond by building up a column of bricks or blocks under each corner of a square grid, or if using a round grid, build the columns inside the pond. Hide exterior supports with screening, log roll or sink the whole lot into the ground. 

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