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Water Feature Reservoirs/Grids

You can make up your own Water Feature Reservoir Kit using the items in this section. Apart from the water feature itself you need a kit to make it all work. Basically you need four other items...

  • Something to hold the recirculating water. This can be an existing pond, a reservoir shaped as a round tub or mini pond (such as a Victoria Pond). For very lightweight features a Pebble Pool is the most cost effective solution
  • You need something to stand over the reservoir which will support the feature. Generally this is a Galvanised Grid, available in round, square or rectangular shapes
  • A pump which sits in the water and supplies the feature with water. Small features will be fine with a pump which pumps at a rate of 900 litres per hour. For taller and bigger features a stronger pump will be needed, perhaps up to 2000 litres per hour for a large drilled monolith. If you need advice don't hesitate to ring us on 01302 783434 but remember if you buy from us and make a mistake, you can return the item within 28 days, free of charge, even if it's been used
  • Some pond hose which will carry water from the pump up to the top of the feature. The diameter of hose required is usually decided by the size of the outlet on the pump. However if the diameter of the hole on the water feature is much bigger it may be necessary to join two hose sizes together with an adapter to ensure a good fit at both ends. We can supply everything you need to join any two hoses
  • Finally you need something to hide the grid such as large pebbles, paddlestones (pieces of slate) or cobbles. These are easy to obtain from your local garden centre or builders merchant. We can supply them but the weight makes them expensive to ship

If you can't be bothered thinking about all of the above there are Sump Kits which include everything you need, including instructions

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