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Four Column Granite Tower Water Feature


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Four Column Granite Tower Water Feature. Carved from solid granite, this beautiful feature has water gently flowing from the top of each column. Made from one of the hardest rocks known - this feature will not deteriorate in any way, your only decision will be who to leave it to!  Height of tallest column approx. 60cm, width approx. 15cm, the other columns are the same width in reducing heights. Each column is a segment with a 90 degree angle where they fit together and a curved outer edge.  Colour: Light Grey with darker speckles.

We recommend a pump with a minimum output of 2000 litres per hour as the output has to be divided between four columns. This item is available seperately, or complete with a kit. Components of the kit can be altered to suit your requirements, please call or email us to price up alternative components

Optional kit: 275 ltr Victoria Pond which is 110cm across as a water reservoir, round galvanised grid to fit over the pond complete with pump access cover, 2000 lph pump with 2 year guarantee, supplied with 10 metre cable, 3 beach cobbles and 2 bags of smaller Scottish cobbles to hide the grid, plus all necessary connections, hose and instructions. The reservoir can be set up above ground (hide it with log roll, rocks, plants etc) or sunk into the ground so it can't be seen.  We recommend using a plug in RCD device whiill cut off the electricity should any fault occur

Shipped on a pallet within 3 days

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