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12 LED Pond and Water Feature Light - Red, White, Blue


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These Colour changing LED Light Units contain 12 cool burning LED lights. Bright enough to be seen during the day but especially effective at night and during the dark winter months. Unlike some conventional pond and water feature lights, these LED lights are perfectly safe used in or out of the water. Each unit incorporates 4 Red, 4 White and 4 Blue LED lights, these cycle at through every combination of these 3 colours not just Red, White and Blue. Very economical to run, power usuage 2.4 watts. The tranformer is built into the 3 pin plug and there is a 1.8m wire from the plug to a male connecting plug which joins the female connector at the end of the 10 metre light unit cable. On newer models there is an on/off/mode switch at the start of the light cable (opposite end to the light). Please remember that the light unit is fully waterproof but the plug, the cable connectors and the switch (where fitted) must be sited indoors or in a waterproof place. Dimensions: Diameter 35mm (1.5 inch) x Depth 2cm (3/4 inch)

  • Use light underwater or out of water
  • High efficiency - Low Power Consumption
  • 10m heavy duty cable fitted


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