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Flamingo Water Spitter

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This resin water feature in the form of a Flamingo Water Spitter can be used in conjunction with a pond, or, if you don't have a pond, you can still introduce the sound of water to your garden by using it with a pebble pool, barrel, etc. Ht  72cm, width approx 32cm x 18cm, weight 5kg. The Flamingo Water Spitter needs a pump with an output of at least 700 litres 

We can supply an Outdoor kit for those who don't have a pond, it includes a 70cm pebble pool (pebbles not supplied) which will act as a reservoir of water and house the pump, a 700 litre pump to power the spitter and 3 metres of 12mm hose. The brass inlet takes 9mm hose, if you buy the kit we'll include a short length of 9mm hose, the 12mm hose will fit snugly onto this 9mm hose and connects to the pump

Optional extras:

  • Blagdon 700 Mini Pond & Water Feature Pump
  • RCD Protection Device (cuts off power if pump develops a fault etc.)
  • Outdoor kit (70cm pebble pool, Blagdon 700 pump, 3m pond hose)

Normally shipped same day if ordered by 12 noon (Mon-Thurs)

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