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Truffle Trees

Truffles, the rare gourmet fungi, grow on the roots of Oak and Hazel trees. Truffle cultivation can be very profitable and these young trees come direct from a grower at the forefront of truffle technology. The plants you receive have already been inoculated with truffle spores to maximise the chance of truffles developing around your tree/s within a few years. Winter Truffle will only grow in the warmer parts of mainland Europe so unless you are taking your truffle tree to a holiday home in one of these areas please ensure you choose a tree with Summer truffle spores, these will grow in the UK

Truffle Trees make ideal gifts when you are looking for something 'out of the ordinary'. They come with full growing instructions and a certificate confirming that the little tree comes complete with truffle spores, and they can be sent direct to the recipient if required (at the Checkout you will be asked for the Shipping address first, followed by the Billing address)

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