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Water Lily in 3 litre Planting Basket - White


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The Water Lily is perhaps the most beautiful of all pond plants, the large round leaves provide good shade and this helps prevent green water and blanket weed. The exquisite white flowers with yellow anthers appear on the surface all through summer. Water Lily plants are dormant through winter. Remove old leaves as new ones appear. If your pond is over 60cm deep we recommend lowering the plant in stages, as the leaves reach the surface.

Supplied already planted in 3 litre pond plant basket, flowering size plants a few years old ready to lower into your pond. Please note packing these plants for transit is difficult and one or two leaves may be damaged or broken off when they arrive - this does not damage the plant, just snip them off before putting in your pond, many more leaves will be produced through the summer.  Shipped within 3 days

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