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Agave americana Variegata Quadricolor


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Agave americana Variegata Quadricolor is a striking succulent with green and cream striped leaves, each ending in a strong sharp spine.  This eye catching plant is ideal for patio pots, topped off with gravel or pebbles. It will tolerates short periods of light frost but in prolonged spells of freezing weather it is safer to bring it undercover, especially in the colder parts of the country.

Please note: We do our best to pack these plants securely but the leaves are very brittle and the lower leaves are most likely to break in transit. These can be cut off at the base for a better effect, but please be assured that, given good feeding and plenty of water in the summer, they grow they quickly and replace the old leaves with bigger and better ones, so any damage is transitory and will not be noticed within a few months

Young plants supplied in a 1 litre pot, height and spread approx 15cm x 15cm, excluding the pot. Shipped within 3 days

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