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Ensete ventricosum Maurellii - The Red Banana - 2 litre


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Ensete ventricosum Maurellii is actually an old Victorian favourite brought back to life, although it won't grow any real bananas.  Responds really well to watering and tomato feed, so to keep it shorter, treat it mean. It can reach 2m tall in one season so choose a large pot!  For the best red colour Ensete maurellii needs dappled shade, but loves high temperatures. The only problem is that it needs to have some winter protection in a conservatory or greenhouse, min temp. 3C. You can cut it back in the autumn before frosts and it will shoot from the base next season

Feb - April they are in winter condition e.g. foliage not in great condition, most leaves cut back leaving one or two at the top of the trunk. 2 litre pots, supplied height depends on time of year shipped but typically 40-50cm. Shipped within 3 days

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