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Cycas revoluta Sago Palm - 1 litre


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This plant has been on Earth since the dinosaur era and Cycas revoluta 'Sago Palm' looks quite different from any other plant. Has glossy herring-bone foliage which looks and feels as though it is made of plastic.  Grows very slowly to form a short trunk. Tolerates light frost so probably best grown in a pot of John Innes Compost so it can be protected during prolonged periods of cold weather. As they mature they get more frost hardy. Not the easiest plant to grow, suitable for the more experienced gardener but if it fails to thrive in a pot we recommend risking planting it in a sheltered part of the garden where they often spring back into life in the second half of the year. Cycads like to be kept moist but not waterlogged. It should be fed often in spring and summer and shaded from the hot sun

Supplied as a young plant (slightly bigger than shown in photo), ready for growing on. height approx 20cm  and spread approx. 20cm in 1 litre pot, with at least 6 leaves, longest leaf will be about 15cm.  Shipped in 1 - 3 days

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