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Wisteria sinensis Blue Sapphire - 1.2m


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Wisteria Blue Sapphire has richly perfumed, dark blue-purple flowers in long trails making mature plants both stunning to look at and a pleasure to walk nearby for the heady scent. Like all wisterias Blue Sapphire is a hardy twining climber which looks far better in real life than in the photo, any flowering plants seen close up sell very quickly. This Wisteria is grafted which means it will flower earlier than ones grown on their own rootstock. Plant in full sun or part shade and well drained fertile soil. Grows to approx. 3m in 10 years. Wisteria should be lightly pruned each year to encourage flowering

Supplied in 4 litre pots, caned height approx. 1.2m including pot, these are flowering sized plants. 

Order at any time of year for delivery in March - order betrween March to June for delivery within 7 - 10 days


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