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Ladybird Tower


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Tom Chambers Ladybird Tower is a novelty item which will encourage many beneficial insects in the garden.  Made from a real piece of log. The Ladybird Tower features hibernation chambers for ladybirds and other insects like lacewings. Ladybirds and lacewings help to control greenfly and other aphids which damage plants in the garden. Comes complete with brightly coloured decorative ladybirds and a detachable stake so it can be pushed into the ground

  • Tom Chambers quality
  • Encourages beneficial insects to your garden
  • Gets children interested in wildlife and the environment
  • Incorporates colourful decorative ladybirds
  • Detachable stake included
  • Instructions on the best place to site the ladybird tower included

Dimensions: Tower (without spike attached) 28cm x 13.5cm (roof span) x 9cm(roof depth). Spike is 24cm in length, this is supplied attached to the back of the tower, it can be removed and placed into the slot at the base of the tower and then pushed into the ground.

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