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Grass Seed

Grass Seed is available in a wide range of sizes and mixes, from 250g patch packs, loose from a bulk sack up to 10kg and 25kg sacks. For a new lawn you will need to sow 50g of seed per square metre so multiple the length of the lawn in metres by the width of the lawn in metres, and then multiply the result by 50. There are 1000g in a kilogram so divide the total you get by 1000 and this is how many kilograms you need to buy. Full instructions on how to make a new lawn are on the packs. Sow grass seed from April to September. Grass seed will keep for a couple of years without deteriorating as long as it is stored in a paper bag or sack, in a cool, dry place

Choose the right type of seed mix to get the lawn you want, a simple guide is for a hard wearing, family friendly lawns, choose a seed mix which includes ryegrass. For a bowling green type lawn made from fine grasses choose a seed mix without ryegrass

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