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Grass Protection Mesh - 1000g SLIP RESISTANT - 10m x 1m


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A new generation of Grass Protection Mesh with extra slip resistance which is ideal for the protection of grassed areas.  This 1000g/m2 grade of Grass Protection Mesh is intended for the permanent reinforcement of grassed areas used by vehicles and pedestrians. It is suitable for a multitude of uses, making it possible to have the best of both worlds, a pleasing lawned area which can also be used as a drive or for domestic parking. Due to the increased likelihood of flooding in future Local Authority Planning Departments are now making it a priority to maintain aesthetically pleasing green spaces where natural drainage can take place. This tough extruded polymer grid is inert, rot-proof, chemical resistant and designed for the permanent reinforcement of grassed areas when combined with the grass root mass.  This disperses the weight creating a more stable surface and protecting the area from rutting without impeding natural drainage.  In addition, this new product has been designed with a slip resistant surface not found on ordinary grass protection mesh. Standard grass protection mesh can be slippy until the grass has grown through it and developed a thatch. This new generation of Grass Protection Mesh offers 33% more slip resitance than standard grass protection mesh, even when newly laid

Delivery in 3 to 5 working days. Discount available for 6+ rolls

For best results the ground must be firm. Cut the grass as short as possible, lay the mesh flat and secure with 150mm x 6mm ribbed steel fixing pins, one every metre all around the edge of the mesh. 25 fixing pins are recommended per roll but you may need more if you have to lay the mesh in pieces or work round hard landscaping. To order the pins for delivery at the same time as the mesh click here. Depending on the time of year the grass will grow through the mesh and resume it's natural appearance providing a stable surface. Maximum strength develops after a few months when the root mass interlocks with the mesh filaments. Alternatively the mesh can be laid on bare ground and grass seed sown over the mesh topped with a light covering of soil and compost mixed together. This mesh should only be used on firm ground which is well drained. If you can easily push your finger into the lawn when it is moist the ground is too soft to use this or any similar product. Installation instructions 

Grass Protection Mesh is available in a number of different grades - choose the heaviest grade (shown as grams per m2) for the most frequent use or heavy vehicles such as vans, caravans etc.  If you are unsure what type of mesh you need have a look at our Product Selector which shows the grades of mesh available on a single page, or call us on 01302 783434


  • Roll size: 10m x 1m
  • Covers 10m2
  • Weight per m2: 1000g
  • Roll weight: 10kg
  • Colour: Green mesh bonded with brown slip resistant cord (see photo)
  • Materials: Polyethylene & EVA (foam)
  • Thickness: 9mm
  • Mesh size 27mm x 27mm


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