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Grass or Ground Protection Pavors - m2


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These Grass or Ground Protection Pavors provide a strong, Permeable Paving Solution ideal for creating Extra Parking Space. These Paving Grids easily lock together and then the cells can be filled with any type of stone or gravel, or good quality soil/sharp sand mix before seeding with grass seed or plugs of mature grass taken from an existing lawn. The dimensions of each grid is 33cm x 33cm x 4cm deep. 9 grids cover one square metre. Wall thickness 4mm, weight per grid: 0.57kg, weight per m2: 5.13kg. Material: 100% recycled polyolefin. Colour: Black (photo shows one pack of black as supplied, a brown version (not available) in use with a gravel filling). Loadbearing capacity: up to 320 tonnes per square metre. Supplied in a pack of 9 paving grids to cover 1 square metre. Detailed installation instructions provided with each order but a summary is provided below as a quick guide

  • Strengthens grassed areas
  • Makes extra parking space and temporary or permanent roadways
  • Holds gravel or grass and prevents rutting
  • Environmentally friendly - allows natural drainage to continue

Installation for use by Light Vehicles such as Cars

Excavate the area to a depth of typically 20 to 30cm for light vehicle traffic and parking areas. If necessary lay a Geo-textile membrane on the bare earth for ground stabilty before adding a sub base layer of 300kg of hardcore/broken stone per square metre, this will give a depth of 15cm. Use a plate compactor to firm the sub base layer before adding 25kg of fine sand per m2 (for grass or gravel) or fine chippings (gravel finish only), this will give a 5cm layer. Tamp down this layer with a roller or plate compactor. Next add 65kg of topsoil/sand mixture per m2 (for a grass finish) or 72kg of gravel per m2 (gravel finish). Level the whole area with a plate compactor before adding a final layer of soil or gravel (gravel with a size of 10mm or less is recommended as it will fill the cells more evenly)


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