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Grass Protection for Parking

Plastic Grass Reinforcement Mesh, also called Turf Protection Mesh is suitable for making drives and parking spaces on firm, grassed areas for very light use, such as parking a car at home, once or twice per day. Available in rolls from just 10m2 to 117m2 for the largest areas, in green or black. The ground must be firm and well drained, as a rough guide if you can push your finger into the lawn while it is wet this mesh will not be suitable. Full strength occurs once the grass roots have bonded with the mesh, this can take a couple of months even when the grass is actively growing

Grass Protection Mesh in a much thicker, heavy duty grade and is more suitable for frequent domestic use and business overflow car parks. Grass Protection Mesh comes in different weights, choose the heavier grades for frequent use and/or heavier vehicles. Please remember that Grass Protection Mesh must be used on firm, well drained ground, it will not prevent rutting if the ground if the grassed area is soft and/or frequently waterlogged. Data sheets are available for professional users if required

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