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Oppotex 100 Woven Weed Control Membrane 50m x 2m

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Oppotex 100 Woven Weed Control Membrane, also called Ground Control or Landscape Membrane is a high quality black polypropylene weed control membrane which is UV stable, weather resistant and long lasting, as used by professional landscapers. Woven weed control products are used as ground cover to exclude light from weeds to stop them growing in areas where plants are not cultivated such as drives, under decking, paving etc. This product is an excellent weed control and ground stabiliser, preventing paviours and slabs from becoming uneven, also suitable for trafficked applications. Oppotex 100 Weed Control Membrane is woven on Sulzer looms which gives a closer weave than similar products. It is very porous allowing air and water through to eliminate puddling. Oppotex 100 means not having to use chemical weedkillers or spending hours on back-breaking weeding to keep an area free of weeds. Oppotex 100 Woven Landscape Membrane can be left exposed and does not need covering to be effective. Uncovered it's the lifespan is 7 - 9 years. The product will last much longer if the membrane is covered with a mulch of slate chippings, cobbles etc and this also gives a more attractive finish. This product is not recommended for borders and other areas where plants are growing. For cultivated areas use a Spun Weed Control Membrane which is a fabric like material. With Oppotex 100 there is no need for chemical treatment to remove weeds prior to use. Just strim vegetation to ground level ensuring there are no fibrous stalks which could puncture the membrane. The edges are best secured by Trenching (pushing the edge into the ground using a spade) or securing with Staples or Pegs. Use 1 staple or peg every metre all around the edge of the product, or wherever there is an overlap with another strip. 40 year guarantee when uses with a mulch. Weight 100g per m2 with gridlines. Roll size: 50m x 2m

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