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Spun Weed Control Membrane 50g per m2 - 1.5m width - per metre

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A black spun product, Weed Control Landscape Membrane is UV stable, weather and tear resistant, long lasting. Weed Control Landscape Membrane is ideal for use on borders and around the garden to exclude light from weeds, in fact anywhere plants are being cultivated. This product has a 5 year guarantee. Spun Weed Control Membrane keeps the soil in healthy condition because it allows water and air to pass through easily. If you wish to control weeds on a drive, under decking and other areas where plants aren't being cultivated we recommend using a Woven Weed Control Membrane instead. To lay simply clear and level the soil, peg down the membrane. To fix this product to the ground use metal staples or plastic pegs, use 1 staple or peg every metre all around the edge of the membrane, or wherever there is an overlap with another strip. You can use fewer than this if you are covering with heavy aggregates such as gravel/cobbles. To plant through the fabric make X shaped cuts where needed. This landscape membrane is normally hidden with bark chips, gravel, cobbles etc. Weight 50g per square metre. 1.5m wide. Sold per linear metre - please change number in the 'Add to Cart' box to order the number of metres you require

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