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Terracotta Clay Plant Pot - 4.5 inch Italian


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Italian Terracotta Plant Pot. This traditional unglazed clay pot with no decoration and a central drainage hole. Will age beautifully if used outside. Ideal for a wide variety of plants, especially those which prefer dry conditions. These unglazed terracotta clay pots allow water and air to permeate through the sides making them equally suitable for rooting cuttings around the edges of the pot. Frost resistant. Dimensions: Height approx. 10cm  External diameter at the top approx. 11.25cm (4.5"), Base diameter approx. 6.7cm (2.6").  This pot is shown on the left side of the main photo. There is an origin label stuck to the side of the pot which can be easily removed but it could leave a very slight glue mark

These Italian Pots have a slightly more chunky, hand made look compared to the German terracotta pots we sell. Some pots will have minor manufacturing faults which adds to their authentic appearance (see one of the photos as an example). If you want uniformity  and no manufacturing faults please order the German pots. If there is insufficient pots to fulfill your order please contact us so we can check the number in stock. A 4" or 5" saucer is available to fit this pot, the 4" is the same size as the rim of the pot

Unfortunately due to the fragility of this item shipping charges are higher than normal to cover the extra packing time and packaging materials required for safe transit by courier. Normally shipped within 3 days, although large orders (for example over 40 pots) may take up to two weeks to deliver. If you need a large number quickly please contact us to check our stock number


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