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Terracotta Plant Pot - Half Price Italian Long Tom


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Long Tom Terracotta Plant Pot, made in Italy. Half Price Offer at £4.98, regular price is £9.99. These pots are too tall for us to pack in boxes safely for transit so they are offered for delivery on a pallet only. We can add other terracotta pots and/or saucers to the pallet and you will only be charged once for shipping

This traditional unglazed clay pot has a smooth finish with no decoration and a central drainage hole and will age beautifully if used outside. Ideal for a wide variety of plants, especially those which prefer dry conditions. These unglazed terracotta clay pots allow water and air to permeate through the sides. Frost resistant. Please note there may be slight imperfections in some pots e.g. small cracks from when the clay was wet before firing, which adds to their character - there are no imperfections which will weaken the pot. 

Dimensions: Height approx. 28cm  External diameter at the rim approx. 25cm, Internal diameter at rim approx 22cm, External diameter at the base is approx. 16cm, Each pot has a £4.99 price sticker attached, as shown in photo

Normally shipped within 3 days. Unfortunately due to the weight & fragility of this item we can only offer delivery on a pallet so it will not be economical to purchase a small number of pots but if you order with any other terracotta pots or saucers we can send them together and only charge for the pallet (any other shipping charges added at the Checkout will be refunded) 



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