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Hydroleca Clay Granules - 10 litres

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Hydroleca sometimes called Leca are small expanded clay granules with a honeycomb centre. Leca is a natural material with a neutral pH and contains no harmful substances. Unlike gravel it is a lightweight substance with granules varying in size from 4mm - 10mm. This product is the perfect aggregate for bench tops and can be used to add to watering trays. Leca granules can be used at the bottom of pots and planter as a drainage layer, also in saucers or on greenhouse benches to help to increase humidity around delicate plants. Hydroleca is often used as a decorative topping on potted plants and to hide the base of artificial plant displays. 10 litre Bag

  • Totally inert and safe
  • Lightweight alternative to gravel
  • Increases humidity around plants


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