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Dragonfly Set with Copper finish - pack of 2


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This Dragonfly Set has a shiny copper finish – guaranteed to brighten your day! With eyes of lustred glass, these creatures catch the light beautifully. They can be easily wall mounted in the garden or conservatory. The Dragonfly Set are sold as a gift boxed set of 2 creatures, Sizes: large dragonfly 13 x 27cm small dragonfly 18 x 22cm.  All these metal products have a protective coating to lessen the weathering effect, but rusting is a natural process that will occur over time, blending the item into nature’s environment. If you wish to help retain the original colour and appearance, you can periodically coat it with a clear varnish, or spray with WD40 to protect from moisture. The metallic colouring of these items may fade when exposed to very strong sunlight

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