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Garden Building Base Preparation & Aftercare

The Garden Buildings we supply are all produced by established British manufacturers. This extensive range of contemporary and traditional designs are both attractive and functional, suitable for either storage, hobby use or entertaining. They are produced to the highest standards using quality materials and buildings of timber construction are built using wood sourced from sustainable and well managed forests

Base Preparation and Assembly
A sound, flat and level base must be prepared before you start to install your building. The best option is to prepare a concrete base, or to level the ground and flag the area with paving slabs. If you have opted for the Installation Service please ensure the base is ready before the fitters arrive otherwise installation will not be possible. The manufacturer will contact you approximately one week before the provisional delivery date to ensure the base has been prepared

Aftercare (excluding Thermowood or Painted Greenhouses)
All our buildings are supplied with a factory applied base coat of environmentally friendly preservative. Further treatment is essential on an annual basis, preferably in summer when the wood is dry. Timber is a natural product it is capable of retaining moisture which means that during dry spells the timber can shrink and cracks may appear, this is a perfectly normal process and therefore not covered by any guarantee, it should be regarded as part of the 'life cycle' of a natural product. To help prevent rotting, floor joists must remain open, allowing air movement below the floor. On the buildings where roofing felt has been used, although it has been specifically designed for use on garden buildings, it can occasionally ripple due to temperature changes, this is not due to a fault in the product and will not impede it's effectiveness. Metal fittings are either aluminium, brass plated, galvanised or black japanned depending on model. All such fittings should be lubricated with oil on a regular basis to avoid rusting

All our buildings are guaranteed for 1 year, although normal warping or cracking of the timber due to environmental conditions, and wrinkling of the roofing felt (where used), are not considered as faults

The manufacturers reserve the right to alter the specifications provided. All sizes quoted are approximates and refer to the external dimensions of the buildings. Some product images may feature accessories which are not available for purchase. Also the contents of the buildings are not included with the product

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