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Strawberry Plants - Pot Grown

Strawberries are very easy to grow and so much better flavoured than the ones you get in supermarkets. Grow them in rows, in well drained soil and choose a sunny spot. Plant young plants and you will get the best crop in the second and third years. Traditionally straw is placed between the rows at flowering time, this keeps the fruit off the ground and stops it getting muddy, you can use weed control fabric or membrane if you can't get straw. Each year young plants are produced from the main plant on long stalks called runners, rest these on a pot of compost (it helps to pin them down with some bent wire) where they will root. When rooted cut them free of the mother plant and plant yourself a new row of strawberry plants

Alternative ways of growing strawberries include hanging baskets and containers should as strawberry plants and tubs. The only disadvantage of these methods is that you have to make sure they don't get waterlogged in winter, and don't dry out in the summer. They will aslo need regular feeding as the fruit is swelling with a high potassium feed such as tomato food. A lack of food in spring and summer will result in poor crops from containerised plants

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