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Pear Trees

Pears make excellent garden plants and they only require a sunny, open site and well drained fertile soil. They can be grown as a small tree or trained as an espalier against a sunny wall. The dwarf patio varieties can be grown in a pot. Pears are easy to grow but if you live in the north go for types which are more suited to colder areas such as Conference or Concorde.

Like Apple Trees, Pears really need another variety to give the heaviest crops, although a pear tree a few hundered metres away, perhaps in another garden is fine. Conference is partly self fertile so you will get a crop with only one tree but a heavier crop if cross-pollination is possible (see below for best mix of varieties). The main pollinator of pear trees are bees which are in sad decline so why not attract native bees into your garden with a Bumble Bee Box and help your fruit trees at the same time

Mid Season Flowering

  • Beth
  • Conference
  • Invincible
  • Sensation
  • Williams Bon Chretien

Late Season Flowering

  • Concorde
  • Doyenne du Comice

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