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Honeyberry - 3 litre


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Honeyberry is native to Sibera, an edible member of the honeysuckle family is the latest super-fruit on the market! The large elliptical berries are a similar colour and taste to blueberries with a slight aftertaste of honey! The fruit is very high in antioxidants, loaded with Vitamin C and retains it's flavour and form when frozen. For the best crops plant at least two. Grown by a reputable Scottish fruit grower and supplied in a 3 litre pot. Delivery times are normally between November to March depending on weather conditions: Most orders are shipped within 5 days but at busy times of year this could be 7 to 10 days

Plant 1.5m (5ft) - 2m (7ft) apart, in rows 4ft (14ft) apart. Honeyberries will grow well in most soils but loose and free-draining soil with a pH of 6.5 would be ideal. They can, however cope with a range between 5 and 8. Dig a hole approx 50cm deep & wide and place the plant in. Firm the soil around the plant and water in well. Pruning is best done in early spring as the plant breaks into bud, however it is recommended to keep pruning to a minimum to maximise fruit yield. Mulch yearly with well rotted manure or compost to retain moisture and suppress weeds. Apply a general fertiliser in spring



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