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Gooseberry Bushes

Gooseberries are easy to grow and very cold hardy, suitable for cultivation in all parts of the UK. Some varieties are good for cooking while others, dessert varieties have a sweeter flavour and can be eaten straight from the bush. Gooseberry Bushes need fertile soil and full sun. Regular pruning in the first few years is important to maintain an open centred bush which will make picking easier and to reduce the incidence of diseases such as mildew. In winter the main branches should be trimmed back to encourage side shoots which provide the fruit. remove any crossing branches and any which are crowding the middle. Aim for a goblet shaped bush. The main pest of the gooseberry is the sawfly. The 1cm long caterpillars which can eat all the foliage within a few days. There is no long term damage but the vigour of the plants can be affected. To control these without spraying you need to watch for the first few holes appearing in early summer and then squash the caterpillars before it's too late. If you don't mind using chemicals spray with a fruit and vegetable spray which kills caterpillars on edible crops

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