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Fig Trees

All the Fig Trees we sell can be grown outside in all but the coldest parts of the UK in a sunny, sheltered spot. Figs produce a heavy crop of large, sweet and juicy fruits but don't expect the any small ones still on the tree in autumn to ripen, these usually fall off in winter or spring. Figs should be grown either in a pot or planted in fertile, well drained soil but with the roots restricted to encourage more fruit and less foliage. This can be done by planting it in a sunken pot or by lining the sides of the planting hole with paving slabs. Prune often to keep a reasonable size. In winter they lose their leaves and, if grown in a pot, they should be kept almost dry. In very exposed areas they should be wrapped in a couple of layers of fleece

Bare root plants offer the best value for money and are generally available from November to March. For best results plant them as soon as you receive them, just avoid times when the soil is waterlogged or frozen

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