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Citrus Trees

All citrus trees will succeed outdoors all year except when the temperature falls below 5C. In fact citrus are often thought to do better outside in three of our four seasons, and we have some customers who successfully leave them out all year, pushing them together in a sheltered spot, then wrapping a couple of layers of fleece round the whole group

Citrus trees are sometimes thought to be difficult to grow but we have found the most important factor to be the compost & feeding regime. They need John Innes Compost & special citrus feed which has the right amount of trace elements, without this their leaves often turn yellow. Full care instructions are provided with all citrus trees supplied

If you want to see a photo of the actual plants being shipped we can send a picture message to your mobile phone, or send a photo as an email attachment. Just let us know via the email link in 'Contact Us' or give us a call

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