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Dwarf Patio Apple Trees

Apples are one of the most rewarding fruit trees to grow, not just because they produce a good crop from an early age but also because no supermarket apple is equal to the crispness and flavour of a freshly picked, homegrown apple. Dwarf Patio Apple Trees are normally grafted on M27 rootstocks which give them a final height of about 1.5m but they can be kept smaller by annual pruning. Dwarf Patio Apple Trees can be planted in the ground or grown in a large pot using a 50/50 mixture of multipurpose and John Innes Compost 

Apples are easy to grow but some need pollinating from another variety of apple so choose a self fertile type if you only wish to grow one tree. A pollination table is provided to help you decide which ordinary varieties (non self-fertile) will pollinate one another. Most varieties offered flower around the same time and so will pollinate each other, although there are a few exceptions like Bramley's Seedling, known as triploid varietes, which won't pollinate other apples. If you have a small garden the bush varieties only grow to about 3 metres so they don't take up much space and the fruits are easy to pick without the need for a ladder. They can also be grown as espaliers against a wall.

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