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Apple Trees

Apples are one of the most rewarding fruit trees to grow, not just because they produce a good crop from an early age but also because no supermarket apple is equal to the crispness and flavour of a freshly picked, homegrown apple. Apples are easy to grow but they do need pollinating from another variety of apple. An apple or crab apple in nearby garden will suffice so you can always start with one tree and if you are getting flowers but no fruit you may have to buy another variety for your garden. Most varieties offered flower around the same time and so will pollinate each other, although there are a few exceptions like Bramley's Seedling, known as triploid varietes, which won't pollinate other apples. If you have a small garden the bush varieties only grow to about 3 metres so they don't take up much space and the fruits are easy to pick without the need for a ladder. They can also be grown as espaliers against a wall. Dwarf Patio Apples have a maximum  height of 1.5 - 2m and can be grown in a pot so they are the ideal choice for people with little or no garden

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