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Patio Pear Tree - Doyenne du Comice


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Doyenne du Comice Pear is thought by many to be the pear with the best texture, best taste and most juice. It is not the easiest to grow and needs a protected and warm position, so not recommended for northern counties. Scab can be a problem if it's grown in a cold position. The fruit is ready for picking in October and will keep for 2 weeks. Needs another pear for good crops. Choose a suitable pollinator.   This Dwarf Patio Pear Tree is perfect for growing in a pot on the patio or planted out in the garden. In a pot it should be grown in 50/50 John Innes and multi-purpose compost. Grafted onto a dwarf rootstock which will produce a tree 1.5m x 1.5m (5'x5') at maturity (about 7 years). A care guide is provided with this plant. Can be supplied as a gift and a message included if required

Supplied in a 5 litre square pot, height approx. 45cm including pot (actual plants pictured above, plants shipped in winter they will have no leaves), fruit bearing size with some branches already deveoped.  Shipped in 1 - 3 days.


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