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Rhubarb Plants

Rhubarb is currently enjoying a revival. It has recently been found to have anti-carcinogenic properties and is now found it's way back on the dessert menu of many top retaurants. The forced sticks are the sweetest but you can only force rhubarb plants which are established, otherwise you will weaken the plant.

Never plant a rhubarb crown too deep, it needs to be at the surface otherwise it may rot. Dig a generous hole and improve poor soils with well rotted manure. For best results leave a one year crown to bulk up for the first couple of years, start harvesting from year three and only take a few sticks, leaving the rest to feed the plant. To force your rhubarb plant just cover it in spring with a large black bucket, covered in sacking or use a rhubarb forcer. All light has to be excluded for this process to work well, After a few weeks remove the covering and harvest a few sticks and stew gently with a little water and sugar for the most delicious sweet. Only harvest half of the sticks produced and leave the rest to develop normally in full light to restore the plant's vigour

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