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Dicksonia antartica - Tasmanian Tree Fern - Potters

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The Tasmanian Tree Fern, Dicksonia antartica is by far the toughest of the tree ferns. It is fully hardy although in cold winters it will lose it's leaves and new ones grow from inside the trunk each spring. Dicksonia antartica looks great near water, and it prefers dappled shade and a sheltered spot. If planting in the ground improve the soil with plenty compost or best of all, leaf mould.  In summer they will need watering daily into the trunk, and the fronds benefit from frequent spraying. Give a liquid feed, organic if possible, every two weeks in spring and summer. In colder parts of the country we recommend protecting the trunk with straw, drawing together the fronds and wrapping them in a couple of layers of  fleece. Just keep slightly damp through winter. Optional extra: Tree Fern Food, 500ml bottle, tick box below if required

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