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Kaffir Lime - Citrus hystrix - Bush

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The Kaffir Lime is grown for it's rich aromatic leaves. The kaffir lime (Citrus hystrix), also known as kieffer lime, makrut, or magrood, (Bai Ma-gkood, PewMa-gkrood) is native to Indonesia. The kaffir lime tree will grow well in a pot. The fruit is very small, irregular and lumpy but the leaves are very fragrant, releasing a roomful of refreshing fragrance, like a fragrant bouquet of citrus blossoms. Kaffir lime leaves cannot be replaced with any other type of citrus leaves. Their flavour is so important that anyone following a Thai recipe will find them irreplaceable. In most regions of Thailand and Malaysia, the kaffir lime is so beloved that almost everyone's home in the countryside has at least one tree growing. Kaffir Lime leaves are normally chopped finely and ground to a paste with other ingredients using a pestle and mortar. Kaffir Lime Trees like full sun & well drained soil and we strongly recommend using citrus feed all year as, like all citrus trees, they have a very high demand for trace elements lacking in ordinary plant foods. The Kaffir Lime Tree can be stood outside in summer. Min 5C

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