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Yucca elephantipes - Giant Spineless Yucca - 3 stems


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Yucca elephantipes also known at the Giant Yucca or Spineless Yucca,  is an easy to keep tropical plant which can tolerate full sun or part shade. They dislike a lot of root space so keep roots fairly restricted and allow to dry out between watering. Yucca elephantipes. It has no sharp points like some Yucca species. The Giant Yucca should be fed often in spring and summer, watering every two weeks or so, allowing the soil to dry out between watering. This yucca should be kept almost dry through winter. Unlike many tropical plants this yucca can stand termperatures down to 0C, useful when heating goes off overnight allowing temperatures to fall dramatically. Yucca elephantipes is ideal for offices, showrooms or the conservatory

Supplied as a plant with three trunks arranged around the pot, the largest trunk giving an overall height of approx. 1.1m, with two or three offshoots coming from each trunk, as in the photo. Shipped within 7 days.

Please note: despite careful packing these plants, being quite large and heavy with small root systems, can become loose in the pot during transport. This is not detrimental to the plant and they can be firmed back into the compost once they are stood in position


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