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Wisteria is a frost hardy, twining climber which grows slowly at first and eventually reaches to 8 - 10m with a spread of 6 - 8m, but it can be kept smaller with frequent pruning.† Wisteria†floribunda is often known as Japanese wisteria flowers a few weeks earlier than Wisteria sinensis, the Chinese type, and it comes in many varieties from white through to dark purple, the long trails of flowers can be very long and all have a fabulous perfume. Wisteria sinensis, or Chinese Wisteria, tend to be more vigorous and will grow larger than the W.floribunda types without regular pruning. W. sinensis are good at covering unsightly buildings or fences, and they too come in a range of colours, and all have a wonderful fragrance.†Both types are very popular for training along wires on a wall or fence, but also suitable for a trellis or rambling through trees

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