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Jasmine - Jasminum

Jasmine comes in a variety of different forms but perhaps the best known is the Summer Jasmine, Jasminum officinale, with it's profusion of pretty little, star shaped, white flowers which give off a fabulous perfume. Most varieties are perfumed but in the yellow flowered types it is hardly noticeable. If you like winter flowering plants make sure you have a Jasmine nudiflorum in your garden, it has sunny yellow flowers on bright green stems through the coldest of winters.

Jasmine prefer a sunny, sheltered position and well drained soils. Provide a trellis, training wires or other form of climbing support for the white flowered twiners, the yellow flowered types tend to need to be tied to their support. If you want a 'Jasmine Arch' you will need to plant at least one plant at each side of the arch and cut one or two stems back to ground level each year

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